3D printed The Other Half for Jolla


Our friends at Jolla today released The Other Half developer kit. Tampere Hacklab 5w got an exclusive pre-release version of the Jolla TOH 3D-model in the end of December. The model is the exact CAD model from which the TOH's are built from. As the first step we decided to print it without any modifications with our Ultimaker 3D printer. The package contains also a 3D model of the phone's back side which can be useful while designing new hardware. The 3D models are released in .stl and .stp formats.


This is how it looks in Cura printing software. As you can see, the model is very detailed. It is not optimized for printing and contains some small notches which won't print properly. Also the edges are not completely flat so they will not print with full quality.


Printing time was about 50 minutes. Layer height of 0.1 mm and 30% fill were used. The material is yellow slightly transparent PLA.


The finished product after cleaning up.


TOH mated with a Jolla phone. Some knife work was necessary to fit the TOH properly. It stays on pretty well and can be considered success already. Acetone vapour treatment could be used to give the TOH smooth shiny surface.



The next step was to modify the model to be more suitable for 3D printing. This included flattening the back and removing the small notches which wouldn't print correctly anyway. Also the holes for buttons and connectors needed to be enlarged. We created three different sizes for experimenting with electronics. You can downloads the stl files here. These print nicely and fit the phone. Note that there are also reverse-engineered TOH 3d models posted in talk.maemo.org but those have been created before the official release.

First print-optimized TOH with a friendly robot watching. The material is PLA which glows in the dark.


Three sizes to choose from.

We are currently experimenting with wireless charging TOH's using Samsung S3 Qi receiver pads and extra battery TOH. If you live in Tampere area, pay us a visit some Tuesday night and print a TOH for yourself! Thanks for Jolla for releasing these. I hope community will find good use for them.

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