Talk with Us

The members of Hacklab chat with each other using an Instant Messaging app called Matrix, which is a bit similar to IRC and Discord.

Hacklab has its own Matrix server login page at


Are you already a member of Hacklab? 

Great!  You can use the "Single Sign-on" (SSO) called Keycloak to create your account on Hacklab's Matrix server and then login and chat with us.

Although Matrix can be accessed from mobile or desktop, use desktop when you login for the first time.

Start by logging into your Tampere Hacklab membership account at

Then navigate over to Matrix by way of client called Element at


It will look like this:

Matrix login page on

Click the blue "Sign In" button.


On the next page, choose the Continue with Hacklab Finland Keycloak button.

Keycloak login on


From the menu, select Tampere

Keycloak lab selection


and now enter the username that you would like to have on our Matrix server

Create your Matrix account


Now you should be able to log into Matrix on Element using the Keycloak.


To join the Tre Hacklab "room" in Matrix to chat with us, search for or Tampere Hacklab.