Where to find us

The workspace is located in the Nekala neighborhood of Tampere, at Ahlmanintie 56. The entrance in in the courtyard, the doorway to the right after the three truck's loadings docks.  See the pictures below and the attached Google Maps link:


The easiest way to come to meet us is on Tuesdays (6 PM onwards) during a weekly meeting.
Otherwise, a visit is possible, but agree to this beforehand of the #trehacklab channel or with email.
Bigger groups are also welcome. During a weekly meeting, the door is open so you can walk directly in.
On the first Tuesday of each month, there is a community meeting of the members at 7 PM.
You may attended the meeting, but not to do anything that causes noise to disturb the meeting. The meeting usually takes about half an hour.

Monthly members can enter 24/7 with a cellphone by dialing +358 452692991 (the call is not picked up even if successful, the doorbell button lights green when the lock is opened).

Video from the entrance and the surrounding (https://youtu.be/Fihw62yNZUk)