About the workshop

Hacklab's workplace is about 381 m² in size and is located in an old slaughterhouse. It includes, for example, wood, metal, paint, sewing and fabrics.

In the workshop can be found the following machines and accessories.

Machine Description State
CNC laser cutter Large, 1300 * 900mm machining CNC laser. Cut smoothly with soft materials such as plywood and acrylic. With smaller power, some can engrave patterns in the materials. Working
Small CNC milling machine Precise small CNC milling cutter 200x200x150mm who work on wood, plastic, carbon fiber, etc. Also able to engraves printed circuit boards. Working
Large CNC milling machine

Large and heavy CNC milling cutter with 1500 * 2500mm machining area. Perfect for wood, plastics and softer materials.

CNC Plasma Cutter

Large and heavy CNC plasma in a 1500 * 2400mm machining area. Cut electrically conductive materials such as aluminum and steel.

Ultimaker 3D Printer

A newer generation (hobby-oriented) 3D printer. Hothead updated and extruder tuned in 3mm

Prusa i3 mk2 3D printer

Modern high quality 3D printer with heated surface and E3D V6 1.75mm hot-end.


Large XY pencilplotter with A1 size paper. Draw vectors with different pencils on paper. Also cut vinyl.

Sandblasting Machine

A box about the sized of a cooler box. Has a nozzle which blats sand and compressed air at high pressure. Can be used to clean things.


Ultrasonic cleaner with about 20 liters capacity and a heater element.

Heating oven

Oven, which warms up to 1000 degrees. Suitable for melting and other heating. 

Welding equipment

Telwin MIG welding and 200A AC / DC TIG

Metal and timber

There is a metal wire with a gap of 700mm. it is also possible to make threads, etc. on the device.



In addition, there is a wooden groove on the tree side which can be used with small knobs on the lathes.(?????need verification)



Bandsaw, Pole Drill, Bench Grinder, Ribbon Grinder, Mouse Grinder, Table Grinder, Level / Jig Robot, Hot Glue Gun and other basic tools.


Electronic tools

soldering iron, multimeters, lab power sources, oscilloscope, signal generator, hot air blower, SMD infrared oven, hole plate and handheld components.


Relaxing space

A space for living and training use, with sofas, tables, videotape and AV hardware, library and fridge.
There is also a little kitchen where you can cook your own food in a stove, oven and microwave.

Shelves for storing members' projects and storage boxes. On the storage side there is also the sanitary facilities.