Frequently Asked Questions

How to log in to the membership information system Mulysa?

  • Go, enter the password and login email to the instructions you received. If it is first time login, reset your password by clicking "Forgot Password?" button.

How is the membership fee paid?

  • See the Mulysa membership fee and pay the membership fee with reference number. You will get 365 days membership in the association when you pay your monthly subscription. NOTE: Monthly members do not have to pay for annual membership separately.

What is the due date of payments?

  • There is no due date. For each approved payment, it is possible to add that service. For example, for each subscription fee payment, the status time will be 30 days more. In the first payment, for example in the status license, 14 extra days will be added to compensate for payment processing delays.

How do I pay my payments?

  • Check the Mulysa for your status fee (s) and pay for space by reference. When you make a recurring payment from the bank with this reference number, payment will not have to be remembered each month.

I would like to pay n months of space usage at once. How it's done?

  • Make a custom "free-form payment" in Mulysa, select the service license and the number of months that you want. Pay the amount given by the given reference.  You can each custom reference number only once.  Please, do not delete the custom reference number after it is paid.

I received the subscription and I paid the payment. When will the subscription come into effect?

  • The mode of use begins with the day when the first payment transaction is recorded in Mulysa. In this case, the door begins to open and the remaining days begin to decrease.

Mulysa doesn't show my payment?

  • Mulysa does not receive real-time information from the bank. The delay in the processing of payments is about two days. If your payment has not appeared after that time, please contact the Board.

Why does the door not open?

  • You have not paid the subscription.
  • If the subscription has been paid, check in the Mulysa that your payment is recorded in the system.
  • A good way is to keep an extra month of buffer in the subscription.
  • Check that you have the right door number on your phone.

What do I do when a tool is broken?

  • If you know how to fix it safely, do it.
  • If you know someone from the Lab who can fix it safely, get it fixed.
  • Create a new issue (or update an existing one) in our GitHub issue tracker