Membership (join)

Tampere Hacklab workshop is guided by community driven registered association Tampere Hacklab ry.
All activities at the lab are based on voluntary work. Every member's support and participation for the Hacklab community is
necessary and highly appreciated.

In order to be permitted a 24/7 access for the workshop you need to be a member of Tampere Hacklab association.

24/7 access subscription for the workshop

  • Continuous subscription fee. Recommended amount 40 € / month.
  • Students, people of low income and unemployed are allowed to pay a
    reduced fee of minimum 10 € / month.
  • There is no maximum limit for the payment.

24/7 access for the workshop

  • Access to all workshop tools.
  • Access to machinery after proper training.
  • Requires membership of Tampere Hacklab.
  • Monthly fee payments also include basic annual membership fee of Tampere Hacklab association.
  • Changes to the subscription are handled by association board.

Hacklab membership

  • Continuous annual fee, which is decided annually by Tampere Hacklab board.
  • For the year 2021 fee is 30 €.
  • You are free to access workshop on Tuesdays, and to attend other organized events. (There may be restrictions and cancellations because of COVID-19 situation. Please, check them separately.)
  • All hand tools are accessible for you.
  • You can also use the workshop if you are accompanied by a 24/7 (permanent) access member.
  • Machinery can be accessed only in organized events or when accompanied with a 24/7 access member.
  • Resignation from Hacklab has to be written by letter or e-mail to Hacklab board, or given notice at a monthly meeting
    (first Tuesday every month).
  • Read through Member's guide to familiarize yourself with member's permissions and responsibilities.
  • Membership requires acceptance of Tampere Hacklab association rules. You can find them here: Tampere Hacklab ry rules.

Membership application